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47. Organisation

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
Theodore Roosevelt (US president in early 20c)

This area focuses on the ways we structure our lives and activities. Organisation is often perceived as an imposition, a chore that many people engage with reluctantly. So this is firstly an invitation to consider that organisation not only has many benefits but it can be a creative process – there is more than one way to plan and organise your life and activities!

Why organisation matters

There are a number of reasons why organisation may be of value:

  • It saves you time and makes your life easier
  • Harmony outside contributes to harmony inside
  • It helps you achieve your goals
  • It is socially desirable (e.g. always being late is not cool)
  • It reduces stress – and it can be nice

How do you feel about organising? It is easier if you feel good, so spare a moment to consider how you can make it more appealing. For example, do you want to be more creative in your life? Be creative in organising your files, kitchen, clothes or music files!

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PWBC (Personal Well Being Centre)
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PWBC (Personal Well Being Centre)
United Kingdom