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Context Group

One of the universal characteristics of human life is that it is always situated in a particular context. The basic context within which we operate in the world is time-space. This group consists of the areas that reflect the components of this framework: The present, The past and The future, and Relating to the situation.

  • The present refers to our awareness of what is going on at the moment. Its position indicates that it encompasses both the external and internal domains. This is because awareness of our immediate surroundings is closely related to the specific internal faculties (attention and concentration). The present is also the root area of this group, as the present is, in effect, the only reality and therefore the basis for other areas.
  • The past focuses on the various ways we can relate to our past experiences. This relationship is approached here in a general way. More specific influences of the past are addressed in some other areas; for example, the influences of upbringing (social determinants) are addressed in the area Personal freedom. This area belongs to the internal domain because those experiences are a part of our inner world.
  • The future examines the abilities that contribute to constructing the future, such as expectations, hopes and predictions. It does not, however, deal with the ways we create the future (e.g. planning). They are addressed in various areas in the Doing category. This area belongs to the external domain because anticipating forthcoming events is mostly orientated towards the external world.
  • Relating to the situation includes our perception and attitudes that we have towards our life situation, as well as its evaluation. It is the final area in this group because the way we relate to the situation is not only based on the perceived quality of life at the moment, but also on our past experiences and future expectations. This is also why it encompasses both the internal and external domains.

The Context group is the final group in the Being category and, as such, it is based on and overarches other groups.