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46. Energy

Dreams don’t work unless you do.
John C. Maxwell (American author)

This area is important as our energy level not only affects our performance, but also our emotional state and cognitive functions. We will address first the factors that affect our energy (body – mind; rest – activity) and how it can be preserved. Exercises that can be used to enhance energy will be suggested at the end.

Maintaining energy

Body care: taking care of your body is crucial for retaining an optimal level of energy. This is what body care requires:

  • Good conditions and maintenance (warmth, nutrition, hygiene).
  • Being responsible with what may be harmful (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, processed sugar and fats, etc.).
  • Poised posture and the balanced use of the body (e.g. if you carry something, try to distribute the weight evenly rather than carrying it on one side). These not only save energy but also prevent wear and tear of the spine, joints, ligaments and muscles as well as protect against injury.
  • All the above is common sense, but probably the most important and often neglected element of body care is listening to your body. Try to remember to listen to your body as often as you can and you will see what difference it will make.

State of mind: it is well known that our state of mind can affect the level of our energy (compare, for example, the level of energy exhibited by winners and losers after a sport competition). Emotions can have a debilitating effect (as in the case of depression), but they can also increase energy extraordinarily. Emotional blocks and inner conflicts consume energy and make you weaker. On the other hand, good moods, enthusiasm and laughter can release energy trapped by tension or worries and provide an energy boost.

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PWBC (Personal Well Being Centre)
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PWBC (Personal Well Being Centre)
United Kingdom