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This is the introduction to Personal Synthesis, the most comprehensive personal development guide covering all the important areas of personal development.
This is the first Personal Synthesis podcast episode in which we discuss Self-awareness. We cover the importance of self-awareness, some challenges to self-awareness and ways to overcome them.


Personal Synthesis Introduction

Personal Synthesis is a handy ‘one-stop-shop’ that brings together all the areas that play a vital role in our everyday lives, from self-awareness to intimate relationships. The materials are the result of twenty years of research and evolved through the experience of running numerous personal development programmes with young people, university students and diverse groups of adults.

What is DIY psychology?

How to be more in charge of your emotions, how to think and make decisions well, motivate yourself, communicate effectively, relate to others… you will find here these and many other important things that we never learn about in schools. Wherever you are and whoever you are all 64 subjects that we cover are relevant to your life.

Does Personal Synthesis require prior knowledge of psychology?

I’m often asked about this. How much prior knowledge of psychology does Personal Synthesis require for you to fully use all the benefits and tools of it. In this short video I’m answering this question.

Personal Synthesis – who is it for?

The whole idea of Personal Synthesis is to reach as many people as possible. There are no limits in terms of gender, culture or sexual orientation. Personal Synthesis is for EVERYONE. Check out what Dr. Nash Popovic has to say about it.

Identifying Your Key Strenghts

Dr Nash Popovic talks to us about identifying and using your key strengths, and the dangers of taking it too far and neglecting your weaknesses. He also questions the validity of the VIA strengths survey and suggests a multi-method approach to identifying your strengths.

Mastery of our own minds: The missing piece of the puzzle

We’ve made great advances in science and technology but not in the mastery of our own minds… Dr Nash Popovic talks about his inspiration for developing the Personal Synthesis Programme.

Self-Regulation: The Holy Grail of Personal Development

Dr Nash Popovic talks to us about Self-Regulation (aka Self-Mastery).

Positive Psychologist critiques Positive Psychology

Dr Nash Popovic talks about Positive Psychology and its limits, identifying your core strengths and the fact the tests may not be valid, and more.

Nash Popovic of UEL & Pub Psychology

Nash Popovic, University of East London & Pub Psychology, spoke at a seminar on grassroots philosophy groups at Queen Mary, University of London. The seminar is part of an AHRC-funded project called Philosophical Communities. Find out more about the project, and how you can set up your own philosophy club or find one near you, at www.thephilosophyhub.com

Influence Pub Psychology

A Pub Psychology session on Influence based on the Personal synthesis materials.

On Intimate relationships

Nash Popovic interviewed by Tom Mackay


PWBC (Personal Well Being Centre)
United Kingdom


PWBC (Personal Well Being Centre)
United Kingdom

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