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Personal Synthesis

The complete guide to personal development

How to be more in charge of your emotions, how to think and make decisions well, motivate yourself, communicate effectively, relate to others… you will find here these and many other important things that we never learn in school about.

Wherever you are and whoever you are all 64 subjects that we cover are relevant to your life.

DIY  Psychology Manual

In a world overflowing with information and disparate sources of knowledge, there is an ever-increasing need for materials that distil and bring together information relevant to our psychological well being.

Personal Synthesis is a handy ‘one-stop-shop’ that brings together all the areas that play a vital role in our everyday lives, from self-awareness to intimate relationships.

The materials are the result of twenty years of research and evolved through the experience of running numerous personal development programmes with young people, university students and diverse groups of adults.

What are we aiming for?

Develop personal qualities

Personal qualities such as self-awareness, stability, self-regulation, creativity, assertiveness, etc. are increasingly important at work, in relationships, as well as for our own navigating through life. We have to rely on ourselves more than ever, so our personal development is not a luxury but a necessity.

Be more in charge of your life

Knowledge is power and personal knowledge leads to personal empowerment. How you play the hand matters more than what cards you were dealt.

Live life skilfully

This can be satisfying in itself even if nothing else is gained.
As happiness, personal development is not just means to an end but end in itself.

Start your journey


If I have a specific issue where do I look?

The best starting point (particularly if you are not familiar with the materials) is the index. Go through the list and click on what grabs your attention. This will take you to one of the areas. While there, you may get an idea where else to go if you need too. Just follow your intuition.

Why call it DIY psychology manual?

We really need DIY psychology as we have to rely on ourselves more than ever. 'Manual' is also a fitting term: the materials are written in a ‘no frills’ way. Each area is presented in a simple and concise way. This should enable you to easily remember and apply its content, as well as quickly find material on any specific issue when you need it.

Is it necessary to have a prior knowledge in psychology to engage with the materials?

No. The whole point of Personal Synthesis is to make what have generations of psychologists and other scholars discovered, accessible to everybody.


Are the materials here different from the 1st edition of the book Personal Synthesis?

The basic structure and some fundamentals remain the same, but the content of individual areas has been substantially changed. The materials are also made more accessible and user friendly.

Do you have some additional questions or comments? Please post them below or send us an email, we would love to hear from you.



PWBC (Personal Well Being Centre)
United Kingdom


PWBC (Personal Well Being Centre)
United Kingdom

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