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What You Get With Full Access

If you purchase full access to the Personal Synthesis you will get additional bonus materials. 

The exercise toolbox

There are over a hundred exercises here. To make it easier to use them, they are grouped into four categories: understanding (as the basis); dealing with (to get from minus to zero); regulating (to maintain a zero point) and improving (moving from zero to plus). Each group of exercises has subgroups relating to yourself, your experience, your actions and your relationships.

Additional reading materials

This section consists of books, articles, online resources, short stories and novels that may be of interest to readers who would like to study some (or all) areas in greater depth. Sieving through an immense number of titles to make this selection was an enjoyable but daunting task.

Recommended films

Movies can be very inspiring. In this section you will find movie suggestions for each area. 

Wisdom and infinity

This area is not in the model and is not its summary, but it overarches the model. You can benefit from it best after you complete going through the other areas. Infinity and wisdom are together as they are two sides of the same coin.


If I have a specific issue where do I look?

The best starting point (particularly if you are not familiar with the materials) is the index. Go through the list and click on what grabs your attention. This will take you to one of the areas. While there, you may get an idea where else to go if you need too. Just follow your intuition.

Why call it DIY psychology manual?

We really need DIY psychology as we have to rely on ourselves more than ever. 'Manual' is also a fitting term: the materials are written in a ‘no frills’ way. Each area is presented in a simple and concise way. This should enable you to easily remember and apply its content, as well as quickly find material on any specific issue when you need it.

Is it necessary to have a prior knowledge in psychology to engage with the materials?

No. The whole point of Personal Synthesis is to make what have generations of psychologists and other scholars discovered, accessible to everybody.


Are the materials here different from the 1st edition of the book Personal Synthesis?

The basic structure and some fundamentals remain the same, but the content of individual areas has been substantially changed. The materials are also made more accessible and user friendly.

Do you have some additional questions or comments? Please post them below or send us an email, we would love to hear from you.


PWBC (Personal Well Being Centre)
United Kingdom


PWBC (Personal Well Being Centre)
United Kingdom

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